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  1. Packaging Design and Branding for new Onbone Shin Guard

    Packaging Design is quite an art form. The choice of substance and style is enormous and getting it right requires a great deal of research…

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  2. Packaging design terms glossary

    This packaging design terms list is extensive but is perfect for reference. Additive, Aluminium, Artwork, Barcode, Design Brief, Biotechnology, Block Foil, Blow Moulding, Box, Branding,…

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  3. New packaging design project

      New packaging design project for Onbone Sports shin guards. Onbone Sports wanted a dynamic packaging design for its revolutionary new shin guard system. We…

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  4. Have a stripteas with your tea?

    This is our new packaging design project. Stripteas lets you get the right mix of tea every time you make a cuppa.. This revolutionary mug…

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  5. Luxury designer car keys – packaging design

    Ever wondered what the most expensive car keys are? These will excite, delight, and possibly scare you. They are some of the most costly car…

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  6. New healthcare packaging brand coming soon!!

    We are delighted to announce we are working on a very exciting new healthcare packaging brand and it will be coming to our website soon.…

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  7. The packaging design process – get it right.

    The packaging design process – make sure you get it right. The beginning. Developing a structure Before we can start looking at the imagery and…

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  8. Successful packaging design does more than just look good!

    Packaging design is simply although many designers approach it from the wrong angle. Obsessed with aesthetics they give little thought to their market, function and…

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  9. Packaging design for startup businesses

  10. Packaging for SME’s