packaging design project


New packaging design project for Onbone Sports shin guards.

Onbone Sports wanted a dynamic packaging design for its revolutionary new shin guard system. We developed the branding for the project to appeal directly to its target market and following research into similar products on the market.

We developed the packaging structure working closely with the client to ensure the strength of the box was right to protect the product and retain its shape. We explored board structures and opening and closing mechanisms with regard to ease of use for customers and also keeping the product secure.

Design the graphics in packaging design.

Once we had the right box structure for the packaging design. We decided to look at the graphics for the outer of the packaging. We loved the total coverage of black and how strongly this linked the brand and product together. We then developed a bright colour pallette that would work well with the black pack. The lime green and white work very well and give a strong contrast when on black. We designed strong typography to depict a strong and dynamic product in keeping with the product’s benefits. We then created a dynamic graphic image to work for the brand in presenting a hi-tech product for a hi-tech company. The neon green x-ray image of a footballer fits perfectly with the product’s ethos of dynamic sports protection while being environmentally friendly and also represents the target market.

These elements were combined to make what is a very strong brand image for the design of the packaging. The packaging design is right, the structure is right and the overall look of the packaging both graphically and for sales is right also.

We then applied the branding across the full range of marketing collateral to further emphasise brand strength.

This works very well and the client is very happy with it.