We are specialists at getting new products to market. With our expertise launching new products really is easy. We will brand and package your products and then build an online shop to help you sell them.

We will work with you to get your product name right. It needs to appeal to your target market and it needs to be memorable. We’ll help you undertand your market and their likes and dislikes so we start with the right name to give your product the best possible start for selling.

If you already have a name we can go straight into the brand. This is extremely important as it must have an appeal to your customers but also represent your company and your ethos. It needs to fit within your target market but also be stand out. People need to be able to ‘buy into it’. As consumers we are looking for brands we feel good about: brands we can trust and that mean something to us. We will create this for you. It will work for your market and it will sell your products.

Once we have your brand we can create the packaging and its style. We will discuss options at length with you so you can make an informed decision on our recommendations. We will develop a brand look for your packaging that will be kept consistent across all your products, website and sales material. Before long you will have a strong range of products branded with your name.

While this work is going ahead we will create your online shop. This will complement your brand style and packaging so when people visit your website of products they are enthralled with a wonderful visual experience. Your products will fit seamlessly into the online shop on your website accompanied with descriptions and any necessary information about ordering. We will ensure anyone looking to view and buy online can do so with the minimum of fuss and will look forward to coming back for more.

If you need photography for your products or packaging we will supply that also. Our team has experise in food and packaging photography so are in an excellent position to get the best out of your products and make them look fantastic on your packaging and online shop. This is key to selling as it represents a very important part of the buying process. As consumers we like to see things and visual imagery is very important to us in making that purchasing decision.

So, if you have new products to get to market or are looking to start up a business selling products into retail we have all the expertise you need. We’ll take you through the whole process from start to finish when your products will have pride of place on the many retail shelves out there. Then just sit back and wait for the orders to come in. And remember, we are just a phone call away when you want to add more products to your range.