The people at StripTeas tea mugs wanted packaging design to protect and sell their new revolutionary tea mugs.

The mugs use coloured strips inside the mug that are coloured and numbered from a light tea colour to a dark tea colour. The concept behind the mugs is to make tea making simple and to ensure people get their perfect mix of tra everytime using the coloured strips to match the colour of their tea to.

They had a brand for StripTeas but this needed a little work to make it more contemporary and appeal to a more widespread market. We worked with the client to develop the new packaging design brand and make it stronger and have wider market appeal.

We then created packaging design to encase the mug offering it protection and have eye catching market appeal to tea drinkers with a mix of bold branding tea coloured stripes and fun graphics showing what the mug can be used for.

The final packaging works really well to appeal to its target market and clearly demonstrates the quirky nature of how the tea mug is used. We love this quirky packaging design.