Are you looking for packaging design and an online shop?

We create branding, product packaging, and develop online shops for anyone launching new products.

Clients we work with are either starting a new business and need creative work and have their products online via an online ecommerce shop, or clients who already have a range of products and want them to be available online.

We have expertise in all product development. We can work with you to develop a name for your products if you don’t have one or, if you do, we will advise as to how effective it is. The important thing is to have a name that will appeal to your customers. This is vital as they are the people who you need to buy into your offer. We wil make sure it has the right tone for your market. It may need to be very serious and corporate without any sense of fun. It may need to be quirky and fun to appeal to a quirky, young consumer. It really depends on your market and what they are looking for in your products and services. We will help you identify this and ensure this gets across to your potential customers.

Once we have a name we can work with you to develop your brand. This follows a similar strategy as creating the name but it is visual. Whereas the name must sound right and have the right connotations – nothing rude – the brand needs to appeal visually. It needs to be the right colour and style. It should have an appropriate typeface that conveys your product psoitioning – are you high quality or budget end with your pricing, Emirates Airlines or Easyjet? This must be taken into consideration for the development of your brand. We ensure this is done right and has full target market appeal.

We design concepts for your brand, many concepts, all of which will work with your market. We talk clients through our rationale and explain fully why we have designed the concepts. We then discuss with you which ideas you prefer and which will work best for you and your market. You can discuss this with your business partners and decide where you would like the design direction to go. This is important as you need to be happy with the direction and feel comfortable with the designs you will be using for your business.

We develop the preferred concepts into a final brand design which will can used across a full range of marketing material to promote your bsuiness. Of course the most important thing is its use on your packaging. We will work with you on this at the next stage.

We create brand concepts for your packaging. This will give you a great visual of how your packaging will look. We will design several options which will have target market appeal but with differing visual direction. The key is that they stand out on shelf if you are selling them into retail. This is true of any shop even if its your local deli. Customers need to be able to see your products and quickly grasp what they are and what they would be buying. If this doesn’t happen they will simply walk past.

Again we will discuss with you our rationale for the designs. We will agree your preferred options for the packaging and dvevlop these designs into your final product packaging design.

While we are developing your packaging we will start work on your online shop website. This will also follow the brand stye to retain brand strength and keep consistency across your product offering. We will discuss website concepts with you and again explain our strategy for the designs. We will talk you through each stage of the development of your ecommerce online shop. We can of course make this content managed for you so you can edit and add products as you wish. This gives you a very flexible online shop which you can update and remove products on at any time if you have special offers etc.

So if you have products, are in need of a name, brand, packaging , and an online shop to sell them – you know who to call.